Summer wet weather activities in Morzine (if it rains!)

Yes, we’re in the mountains which means it can occasionally rain here in the French Alps during the summer, even if it’s just a quick alpine shower. So, with the unlikely event of rain in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best wet weather activity ideas – just in case your summer holiday in Morzine isn’t 100% dry. And if there is the odd rainy day during your alpine adventure there’s no excuse for moping around feeling like there’s nothing to do, when there’s loads of fun to be had. All it takes is a read of this blog and a little creativity 😊.

Top summer rainy day activities in Morzine

  • Swimming, swimming and more swimming! There’s a fabulous indoor swimming pool complex in Morzine, on the same site as the outdoor pool (you can use your Multi Pass to access the Morzine pool for free). The indoor area is every bit as good as the outdoor – boasting a 25m pool, a second smaller pool, a great paddling area for young children, plus steam rooms and saunas and of course, the outdoor Olympic-size pool, flume plus the 2 other outdoor pools will still be open in wet weather. There’s also a magnificent indoor leisure pool with a tropical theme up in Avoriaz called Aquariaz, which is all about making splash in the rapids and play pools rather than swimming as such, plus, there’s hot tubs. These aquatic centres are both multi-million-euro investments and have cemented Morzine as arguably Europe’s number one summer mountain resort in terms of facilities and infrastructure. When it rains, they’re the places to be heading!
  • Canyoning: If there’s rain in Morzine this summer, the water feels warmer! And what’s more, canyoning is even better on a rainy summers day in Morzine – because more water equals more fun!
  • Watersports (white water rafting, hot-dogging and hydrospeeding): Like the canyoning, when it rains in Morzine, the River Dranse feels warmer and higher water levels create better rapids! So who cares if it’s raining!!
  • Adventure Parks: Light rain doesn’t affect opening, although heavy rain and storms will cause them to shut. So, if its only drizzling, go climb those trees!
  • Gym / Fitness Centre / Spa: If there’s a wet weather day in Morzine, why not smash a fitness class, like Zumba, Step or Pilates, head to the Morzine gym, or visit a spa for a massage or beauty treatment. Nice.
  • Indoor Ice skating and Ice Hockey: On a wet day why not have a slide around Morzine’s fabulous indoor ice skating rink with free entry thanks to the Multi Pass? Skate hire is an extra 3.70€.

  • Shopping, eating and drinking in Morzine: Morzine boasts some great boutiques, bars and restaurants. So if there’s a rainy day, why not have a browse of the shops or enjoy a long, lazy traditional Savoyard lunch before a late afternoon nap, perhaps!
  • Relax in the comfort of your Morzine accommodation: Watch the rain outside the window, kick back, play a board game, watch a film, read, whatever you want really. Sometimes it’s nice to have a day off and rain could be just the excuse we need.
  • Learn about the local fromage at Morzine cheese dairy: Try a lesson in cheesemaking, take part in the free tour of its cheese cellar, or just taste the cheese!
  • The Morzine Cinema often shows English speaking films in the day and evening, especially during wet weather.
  • There’s bowling alleys in Morzine, Les Gets & Avoriaz to keep the family entertained on bad weather days.
  • Take a trip to the abbey ruins and visitor centre at nearby St-Jean d’Aulps.
  • Les Gets Museum of Mechanical Music (interesting in a random, rainy day kind of way)! Here you can learn about the history of this music. Other historical things to do in Morzine include the slate workshop and mines.

Things to do further afield when there’s wet weather in Morzine

  • Take a Simply Morzine excursion to one of these great nearby destinations.
  • Visit Les Gorge du Pont du Diable (Devil’s Bridge Gorge). Is this a bridge made by the devil himself – or just a natural rock fall? Find out for yourself with this great rainy-day activity. Frightening stuff!
  • Swimming: There are indoor/outdoor water parks at Cité de l’Eau (Amphion/Publier), the fabulous Aqua Park in Switzerland and Vitam’Parc between Annecy and Geneva (large swimming/spa centre).
  • Caving – it’s always damp, so a little rain will be perfect!
  • Thonon: Château de Ripaille.
  • Evian: Casino and Evian mineral water factory/museum.
  • Lausanne: Olympic Museum.
  • Nyon: Château de Chillon.
  • Geneva: Shops, International Red Cross Museum, United Nations.

We hope this blog shows how many wet weather activities there are to do in Morzine in the summer. Hopefully the sun will shine all week on your summer holiday in the French Alps, but just in case there is a little rain, we’ve got you covered from it – without the need for an umbrella! Find out the latest weather forecasts for Morzine here and have a great family summer holiday in Morzine, whatever the weather…

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