Amazing rare footage of early skiing in Morzine (exclusive to Simply Morzine)

We’re delighted to have been granted permission to showcase this amazing video of the French Ski Championships that took place in Morzine, French Alps, in 1957.

This rare footage with British commentary was dug out of the British Pathé archives especially for broadcast on the Simply Morzine website.

It shows French skiers competing for the Downhill Title at the 44th National Ski Championship in Morzine, France.  How times have changed! We quote from the video:

“At Morzine in the Alps, all the stars of the French skiing world are gathered for the 44th National Ski Championship.”
“This is no sport for anyone with fragile bones. Every yard of the course is beset with danger and a fraction of a second’s mistake is enough to bring disaster.”

The winner of the race was skier number 6, Charles Buzon.

What a brilliant video showing very early skiing in Morzine. The Pleney ski lift was only built in 1934 and wasn’t used by skiers for a number of years after then. Find out the full story of Morzine’s interesting history by clicking here.

© British Pathé & Simply Morzine

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